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Little Eden Promise

Importing and propagating is a stressful situation for plants and can result in extensive damage or even kill the plant. Because of this, we take all the time and patience needed to fully acclimatise your plants to home conditions. We wait for them to produce new leaves to demonstrate they are happy, healthy and ready for a new home.

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We are a registered, plant passport certified company

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The Extra Mile

From ordering our plants to delivering them to your house and everything in between.

Find out more about how we go out of our way to ensure you are happy with your purchase.


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Budget friendly corner

After a wish list plant, but your budget doesn’t stretch quite far enough?

We have that covered here. Pick up a healthy, with slight cosmetic damage, plant in our budget friendly area!

What our customers say about us:

Hi! I received my string of hearts, my little monstera, and my coco coir for my big monstera from you!
Just want to say, your website is brilliant, so easy to navigate around. The theme on there is lovely too with the wood etc!
My plants arrived in amazing condition and were even still moist .  I was so so impressed. Thank you so much. (I’m the one that you left a note in about the box size haha (which was no issue by the way!) thank you so much xx


Hey! I received my order today and just wanted to say I loved how much attention to detail you’ve put into everything. I’ve ordered from a few places and have had different experiences but this was by far the best! I loved how securely you’d packaged the plants so that they were still completely intact when they arrived, how you kept the soil secure and moist with the wet tissue and the cute little cards for each plant! Thanks so much! Will deffo be ordering more in the future. All the best.


I’ve gotten three (!!) of my wishlist plants from Little Eden Tropicals. Each of them were super happy and healthy when I got them, with beautiful hangers, nicely balanced soil, and lovely terracotta pots. They’ve done nothing but grow and look incredible! Super healthy from the get go. I love Little Eden and would absolutely recommend them to any plant lover.


Much love! Absolutely adore the products!! And I really appreciate the little note and information cards!! I’ll be sure to place another order soon! Such fantastic service and prices!! 


I love their exciting selection of plants and friendly, informative service.


Just opened my Forgetii from yourselves in the most amazing packaging and then this is the next post I see [Anthurium Veitchii] … I think the plant gods are trying to tell me something.


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