About Little Eden Tropicals

Little Eden Tropicals is a family run venture and our love for plants started a few years ago. Or possibly even earlier – the origins are a little blurry … Vague memories of granny watering her gigantic 15-year-old Hoya…

Anyway, We got our first real home together a few years ago and what started off as a couple of donated spider plants has since amassed into a full blown indoor jungle with over 150 plants!! We have since swapped/bartered and sold plants which has organically brought us to this point, opening an online plant shop to spread the joy of indoor plants – who knows even encourage you to add to/start your very own indoor jungle.

I have had the good fortune of my husband also being a fellow plant addict. Some of you may have to hide your newly acquired plants from your partners, I on the other hand have to convince mine that we already spent enough money on plants this month. ‘This new, rare philodendron will have to wait until the next payday love…’

The last two members of Little Eden Tropicals are our two cats Bob and Lilly, who fortuitously leave the plants alone… Apart from the spider plant, Lilly can’t get enough of it… Supposedly a hallucinogen for cats, so she is clearly a party animal! We have to keep hiding that one from her…

So that makes up the team.

We wish you all the best!

Little Eden Tropicals x