Alocasia Macrorhiza Variagated A


Alocasia Macrorhiza Variagated

This is a baby Alocasia Macrorhiza Vatiagated which will grow into a huge green and white beast given the time and right conditions – Alocasia do not import well, so these are exceedingly difficult to get a hang of so we have very few for sale – this was grown from a bulb from our mother plant.
Pot size:  6 cm
We have grown these in the UK from bulbs

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Product Info

South East Asia – Jungle
Bright indirect light (more info about light )
Keep soil moist not soggy (more info about watering here)
50% + the higher the better
18 – 24°C
Liquid once a month spring & summer, 1/2 strength
Toxic to pets and humans when ingested
Well draining soil including perlite (more info about soil here)
Due to mother’s nature irregularity, please expect some variation in plant colour, shape and size from the photos listed.
All plants are checked thoroughly prior to being shipped, so it is unlikely that any problems will arise – however, any issues must be reported to us within 48 hours of receiving your plant(s). This will give us a chance to help resolve these, any later and it may be too late for the plant. Unfortunately this also means that we are not able to refund any plants where the buyer hasn’t reported any concerns in this time-frame.
Repotting the plant on arrival is not recommended, your plant will need at least 1-2 weeks to get acclimated to it’s new environment – so it is best to limit the stress to a minimum after shipping.
Please ensure you thoroughly research care needs for your plant before you purchase.


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