Peat Free, Aroid Potting Mix


Peat Free, Aroid Potting Mix

A very aerated and well draining soil mix to keep good air circulation to your roots and prevent root rot. The worm castings are a great source of organic natural plant feed and the activated charcoal will clean up impurities and repel insects.
2 bag sizes – 1l & 2.5l
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Product Info

Save yourself time, money and hassle of creating a decent potting mix for your plants and get this pre-made blend that we have mixed together ourselves. It is a good balanced mix containing sustainable coco coir for moisture retention, perlite and bark for good drainage and aeration, plus a slow release organic fertiliser (worm castings). To keep the roots and soil environment healthy we have also included activated charcoal to readily remove toxins and impurities.
In comparison to our basic mix, this has increased amounts of perlite, bark and activated charcoal for even better soil aeration and root health specific to Aroid plants needs.
We wouldn’t recommend this mix for plants requiring higher levels of continuous moisture such as Alocasia, or Prayer plants.


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