Refund Policy

Before packing orders, we thoroughly check each plant to ensure that they are healthy and free of any problems. We then take the time to properly package each plant separately – this is to give your plant the best chance of arriving in the best condition. We include care instructions with each plant and further information on our website for plant care too. Please consider the following carefully before any return or refund request is made:
If you have any problems or concerns with your plant(s) (other than just leaf/petiole damage as these aren’t grounds for refunds) then you must contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order by email to This will give us a chance to resolve any issues you may be having. Providing you have contacted us within 48 hours of receiving your plant with any issues, we will guarantee your plant for 10 days starting from the original day you received it (Providing the plant(s) has not been removed from the original pot and substrate, and no other cutting or disturbance has occurred within 10 days of arrival)
If you do not report your problems or concerns, regarding your order, within 48 hours of receiving your order, we will not guarantee your plant for 10 days or issue a refund under any circumstances.
Generally we do not offer refunds or returns. In the rare exception that we agree a refund or return, we will refund you the amount you paid for that particular plant only, providing you ship the plant back to us in the same condition you received it and packaged in the same way (at your own cost). We can not offer a refund if the plant arrives to us in worse condition than you received it or has suffered because of the return shipment – Especially during cold (less than 10 degrees Celsius) or hot (higher than 30 degrees Celsius) periods. The return shipping must have tracking as lost shipments will be at the full expense of the buyer – we will not, under any circumstances, offer any refund or bare any of the costs of the shipment that has been lost when returned to us.
Please also bear in mind that if the parcel is delayed arriving to you because you were not in to receive it, or you have asked the courier to delay the delivery, or leave in a safe place or with a friend, then we can not take responsibility for any damage and again will not guarantee your plant for 10 days or issue you a refund under any circumstances.
For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.