The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile

Would you like to find out more about how we work?

We find the best suppliers from all over the world – from South America through Asia to Europe. We then acclimatise the plants for as long as it takes – from few weeks to a few months. The best signs are healthy roots and new leaves. The process if very exciting and gives us a lot of satisfaction watching these amazing tropical leaves unfurl before our eyes.

Some of the plants are selected as a ‘mother plants’ – these will stay with us for a very long time producing lovely healthy levees we can then propagate to grow new plants for you. We look after them every day – ensuring they have enough water, humidity & light to grow. Once we ensure they are ready – the next restock selection begins. We pick the best plants, ensure they have healthy roots, new growth and are free of any pests.

Here the time comes to produce the little care cards we send out with each order. We design these ourselves and try to provide the basic care information to help you look after your new friends once they arrive in their new homes. Once finished these are sent to our printer Spencer @ Wellington Print. Where possible we use our local businesses where we can have much more personal relationship with suppliers and support local community at the same time.

When the care cards are ready (my husband cuts these on our little guillotine all by himself – I am terrible with the straight lines) photo shoot starts. Every time we pull out the table ready for pictures our little model Bobby (the ginger cat) sniffs his chance to shine. Once photoshoot is finished we select the best photos and upload new plants to our website.

All of our boxes, bags and envelopes are hand stamped and all stamps we use may not come from our local company, but definitely one definitely close to our heart – English Stamp Company. They are family run, green company passionate about whet they do. All boxes are also FSC certified which means they come from sustainable sources.

To pack the plants we apply a layer of tissue, paper bag and recyclable tape to protect the soil from spilling, then wrap the plant carefully in the layer of curragated card. This doesn’t only give the plant an extra support needed during their journey but offers a layer of insulation too. Now in the winter we add a layer of recyclable bubble wrap for extra insulation before adding a green tissue paper and our little label so it looks pretty when you open your box.

We are slowly progressing into 100% recyclable sustainable packaging and we ALMOST there. Our soil bags are still plastic- we are constantly on the lookout for a better solution here.

Yes, our process is VERY time consuming, but we love plants and always want to make sure you’ll love them too.

Little Eden Tropicals